OT message issues

kacper hash at removethis.tlen.pl
Mon Jan 14 06:47:32 EST 2002


I was reading c.l.py and by the way figuring out the base on which my
newsreader groups messages into threads, as I need such functionality in my
current project. I found out there are 3 methods of guessing where a message
belongs, based on (in order of checking):

- in-reply-to header
- references header
- message title (last resort)

But some messages here make me confused (and my reader too). The message I
am replying to sits below the main thread msg, BUT it's NOT the reply to
that message. The reason for it's location is message-id mismatch:

original id: <mailman.1010995339.2193.python-list at python.org>
referenced id: <XFMail.20020114000028.shalehperry at attbi.com>

How does that happen? Something with the mailing list gate? Or is it my
newsgroups server? Is there a way around?

Mike W.

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