Telnet and running commands on remote systems

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Thu Jan 10 14:57:29 CET 2002

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Jason Orendorff <jason at> wrote:
>> YMMV, but, as for me, I feel much safer in having no telnet
>> (nor any non-anonymous FTP) taking place, and relying on SSH
>> and friends for everything...
>Good answer - to which I might add, if the task involves several
>commands, write a script that does everything.  Use Python or
>bash, or whatever you like.  Put the script on the server,
>and then invoke it remotely from Python via ssh.
>## Jason Orendorff

Me, too.  Conventional references present telnet, FTP,
account creation headed toward rhosts, and such, and
they are badly misguided.  Although the advice Alex and
Mr. Orendorff is in the minority, it's valuable and 

Cameron Laird <Cameron at>

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