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In article <a22s44$dal$1 at panix3.panix.com>, Aahz Maruch wrote:
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>>I totally see how it'd be easier for you if it was in the std library, but
>>where do we stop? I for one have never needed a CSV parser beyond
>>simple comma-separated stuff so adding this to the main distribution would
>>never benefit me. I use PIL and Numeric more, so shouldn't we include them
>>instead (licensing issues aside)? A CPAN solution is the only one that'll
>Actually, it *would* make sense to include PIL and Numeric in the
>standard distribution, IMO.

I think so too. Pictures and numerics are nice to have. I think more
people would use e.g. Numeric if it were part of the standard library,
and that might lead to better (and faster!) Python programs out there.

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