Mono and Python

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Wed Jan 2 18:15:24 CET 2002

In article <3dheq44v45.fsf at>, Andrew Kuchling
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>Similarly, I think MS would like people to use the CLI/CLR and
>therefore entices them with the run-any-language-you-like carrot.  But
>only C# and VB will run really quickly -- remember, the .net port of
>Python ran about 10 times slower than MS's anointed languages, because
>the CLR isn't well-suited to dynamic languages -- and oh sorry,
>version 2.0 will probably break all those other languages, and at that
>point you'll just give up and write C# and VB code.

Even though net VB is pure M$ they've had to eliminate things like
default attributes and all calls now have to have parens. So even if
you're a happy VB kiddie already, M$ has a way of making your skills

A friend advises me that his net versions are 'sluggish' compared to
what he's used to.
-CLI used to mean command line interfaced-ly yrs- 
Robin Becker

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