Semantic analysis of one response (was Re: Autocoding project proposal.)

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Sun Jan 27 03:20:48 CET 2002

On 26-Jan-02 20:13:38 Courageous <jkraska at> wrote:
>>I think Timothy has an idea that would make computers
>>much easier to use, but he's making one or more of the following

>You forgot:

>"Not realizing that many of the denizens of these newsgroups
>are computer scientists engaged in active research efforts of
>various kinds, including research into the field of computer
>science per se, and that coming to this table with an attitude
>of superiority and without at least somewhat having investigated
>the prior art is more than a little bit of a mistake."

Show the prior art you are refering to. If you can,  aren't just
putting words together.

>Try working in a real scientific discipline for a while and
>making the mistake of reporting a possible discovery early only
>to later disappoint all involved. _That_ won't be a mistake that
>one makes twice, believe me.

There are plenty of irrational, illogical and just plain bad inted
comments that have been made by others here, towards me.

>Which brings the snake back around quite properly to its tail.
>That's what I was trying to say in my prior message. In the
>field of "new, innovative, and world-changing-class discoveries
>and devices" a lot of prudence and a lot of "show me!" are

And you can always claim something doesn't exist by simply not looking at
it. But proof is not found in denial.


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