Medium to Large Scale Python Deployments

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> Wacky? Hmm, well, it's pretty different to anything else that I've come
> across. Coming from an OS/400 background, Windows and Unix look like
> slightly different flavours of the same thing to me. (What do you mean a
> program is a file? In OS/400, a file is a file and a program is a program,
> dammit, not the same thing at all.)

   Yes, it is different, to say the least.  I enjoy the mixed environment,
though.  When I get sick of staring at a dumb terminal, I can hop over to a
PC and make a connection, turning my PC into a revolutionary, new ... dumb
terminal. :-)

> RPG II? Now that *is* wacky! No structured op-codes at all - you had to do
> everything with IFs and GOTOs. Yuck. I hope that anything new is done in
> RPGIII at least! (We use RPGIV exclusively for new stuff - the free
> formatting rocks. Well, compared to fixed formatting, that is - I still
> semi-colons and braces everywhere.)

   Ok, you want a laugh?  The reason for the RPG II is twofold (no pun).
First, when the system was first begun, RPG II was a newfangled
thingamabobber, and the programmers really wanted to use it.  We have
hand-writted documentation like you wouldn't believe.  Second, we have a
support contract for RPG II which runs out in July of 2004, so management is
convinced it's the safest way for us to go, in case it somehow ... breaks?

Domenic R. Merenda
Editor, The Edge Report

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