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On 26-Jun-02 04:49:11 Paul Wright <-$P-W$- at> wrote:
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>>First off, it's ok that I got such a high level of resistance to my
>>initial posting here about this project. Thanks to some research that /.
>>had an article on, regarding the size of GPL project teams.
>>But anyway.... Remember the autocoding project I mentioned?

>                      ______
>                     /      \
>                   .' PLEASE `.
>                   |  DO NOT  |      _____
>                   | FEED THE |    ,'.....`.
>                   `. TROLLS ,'  ,'........ )
>                     \_    _/   |........ ,'
>                       |  |     `. .... _/
>                       |  |      ,'.,'-'
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>                     . |  | /..'
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>                      .    .

>Paul Wright | |

Nice! Mind if I borrow it?

Other words that you can throw around include "spam", hell you don't even
have to know the definition.

Seriously, ifn people want to babel flaming and all that crap, I do
believe Slash dot has a story that links to the 60 billion dollar article,
which links to the 309 page research/report. And we all know that slash
dot have a comment section? Perhaps some of your don't?

You'll have to look unders yesterdays stories but I'm sure you will find
plenty of others just like you, and regardless of where you are in your
perspective about this.

It's pretty clear what intents are of those who want to shoot the
messanger, considering plenty of researched information was linked to.

What's the word to use for such people that ignore or pretend to ignore
such information but insist on flaming anyone mentioning it?

Something that would fit the Matrix Agent metaphor. Or would it be
something far more common? ignorance?

Anyway, the flamers didn't have to respond at all. It was a simple post
and the reference to research indicating that GPL projects have a low
count of developers, with what I believe is 1 as a mean, is as well what
research found (sorry no link - search for it yourself - /. had it linked)

It was an informational post, that all.

Amazing who all something like that get a flaming response from. Good
thing the world is not made up of nothing but, for we wouldn't have any
research then.

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