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Stephane Ninin wrote:

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>>> If I want to use several of these windows,
>>> can still use for base class Tk, instead of Frame ?
>> Nope: the instance of Tk is your main window. There should only be
>> one, and closing it will end your application. If you want to create
>> other windows, you should create instances of Toplevel.
> So, what would be the easiest way to attach a menu to a window which is
> not the main window ? (that is which doesnot inherit from Tk class)
> It seems that Frame class has no menu key,
> so I cannot use config(menu=...)
> for a class that would inherit for Frame...

Do not inherit from Frame. A frame is not a window: it's just an 
all-purpose container. Creating a frame (or an instance of a sub-class of 
frame) will create it in the main window (your instance of Tk). If you want 
to create your own classes for windows, create sub-classes of Toplevel.

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