Windows NT remote registry import

Chris nospam at
Sun Oct 6 22:09:54 CEST 2002

That's true.

However, in order to keep the question brief,  I failed to mention
that I need to do it to 100+ machines.

I'm considering writing a loop and having it perform the entries one
at a time. However, it will take some time to write it this way, since
there are a number of subkeys (with subkeys, etc.)

On Sat, 05 Oct 2002 22:41:33 -0700, Tim Roberts <timr at>

>Chris <nospam at> wrote:
>>Thanks for the info.
>>I actually need to import a section of the registry that contains 
>>probably over 200 keys. Importing them one at a time would take a 
>>substantial amount of code.
>>Is there a way to merge a .reg file, so I can get the entire group of 
>>keys at once?
>If that's all you need to do, you're talking about a few mouse clicks
>inside RegEdit to export the remote subtree and reimport it into your home
>Python is a good tool for registry manipulation, but there's no sense
>writing a program for things that existing tools are perfectly capable of

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