Smalltalk vs. Python and COM was Re: Byte Magazine and Smalltalk

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Sun Sep 22 12:02:46 EDT 2002

"Jay O'Connor" <joconnor at> wrote in message >

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> I use Python in a lot of places where others would probably use Perl.
> Pythons regex support is not a strong as Perl's, but its support for data
> abstraction(and hence, more complicated problems)  is much more powerful.

This brings up a question I was about to ask. I'm getting involved in a
small project
that requires a couple of COM servers, whatevere these are exactly... the
nice thing
is that any developmente language can be chose. My backgroung is Unix &
dabble a bit with VWNC (no serious work) and this is my second time I write
something on m$ platform.

For this project I was considering Smalltalk and Python. The first so I
could be
some real stuff done and Python because apparently it permits quite easy
the the mysterious (to me) m$ APIs. I really would want to stay away from
and I'm looking for some quite turnaround environment since I'll be learning
COM on the job.

Anybody care to give some advice? I played around with DST but never looked
much at the existance of a COM wrapper/interface.



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