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Sun Sep 22 12:15:57 EDT 2002

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> For this project I was considering Smalltalk and Python. The first so I
> could be
> some real stuff done and Python because apparently it permits quite easy
> access
> the the mysterious (to me) m$ APIs. I really would want to stay away from
> VC++,
> and I'm looking for some quite turnaround environment since I'll be
> COM on the job.
> Anybody care to give some advice? I played around with DST but never
> much at the existance of a COM wrapper/interface.
Long long ago I worked in a large scale Objective-C project. Objective-C
inherited many of its good characteristics from Smalltalk. Now I am using
Python quite a lot. It has again a lot of the good (dynamic)
characteristics, with on top an excellent set of predefined modules. One of
them are the win32 modules by Mark Hammond, documented on line of course,
but also described extensively in "Python programming on Win32" by Mark
Hammond and Andy Robinson, ISBN 1-56592-621-8. I am using the ActiveState
distribution, which is a complete distribution including this win32 stuff.

In short highly recommended!

regards Gerrit


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