Larry Wall's comment on python...

laotseu bdesth at
Fri Sep 6 21:39:39 EDT 2002

Rod Stephenson wrote:
> Slashdot has a list of questions posed to Larry Wall (perl). When
> asked his thoughts on other scripting languages, he makes the
> following observation about python
> "Python is cool to look at small bits of, but I think the "outline"
> syntax breaks down with larger chunks of code. I'm with Aristotle on
> the structure of discourse--a story should have a beginning, and
> middle, and an end. So should blocks"
> I'm not quite sure what he's trying to get at here - I guess that for
> a long heavily indented chunk of code, you could lose track of the
> overall structure, but I don't write code this way.
> Any comments?

def fun(args):
     if ceci or cela:
         [snip a lot of code]

So what the problem with blocks ?


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