Python GUI app to impress the boss?

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>> My boss is pretty open-minded, but also needs to see something working
>> to be convinced Python is even a viable platform (he had never heard
>> of it).  Otherwise, .Net is a given, whether it's any good or not,
>> since corporate is MS all the way.
>with python you have to choice of diffrent GUI libs. if you consider 
>wxWindows you can play around with the wxPython demo application that comes 
>with the download. on the other hand when you support win32 only the 
>win32all package has support for all the windows APIs and it has some 
>samples that get installed.
You can have Python *and* .Net.  Well, probably; it's
been promised, and, to the extent anyone knew a year
ago what .Net is, Python's part of it.

While we're pointing out individual applications that
might be of interest, please keep in mind that Python
is in serious production use at tens of THOUSANDS of
sites.  Don't judge it solely by what you see of the
first two demonstrations someone happens to push your

Incidentally, Python *is* a "Microsoft solution".
There are plenty of people within Microsoft who use
Python because of its productivity in Win* contexts.
It's hard for me to give concrete references for this
claim; essentially all the people doing so describe
their efforts only "off the record".  I'm willing to
bet, though, that Python will be around for longer
than VBScript.

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