py2exe and a single exe file?

Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Sep 6 22:47:23 EDT 2002

Stephen Boulet wrote:
> I'm trying to get py2exe to work for me, and I must be doing something 
> wrong.
> I have a script that uses easygui (which uses Tkinter) and Numeric. It 
> also imports a small module from the same directory that the script 
> resides in.
> I try building it like this:
>    python py2exe -d N:\ -i easygui
> It builds and runs, but only with the other stuff in the build directory 
> with the generaged exe. The other stuff is:
>   tcl directory containing tcl8.3 and tk8.3 directories
>   _numpy.pyd
>   _sre.pyd
>   _tkinter.pyd
>   multiarray.pyd
>   umath.pyd
> What I would like to accomplish is just having a single exe file lumping 
> everything together. Is this possible?

In addition to Gerhard's answer: I've successfully used PowerArchiver
(and I'm sure there are a dozen other similar possibilities) to package
up a py2exe'd program plus all the DLLs into a single .EXE which is
really just a self-extracting-and-executing ZIP file.  You run it, it
unpacks itself to a temporary directory, runs the main program, and
then cleans up everything (or not, optionally) when it's done.


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