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Sun Sep 29 20:38:51 EDT 2002

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> Use an IRC bot on your system, that does the following after each
> dial-up:
> - get your new IP address
> - make a connection to a specific IRC server
> - authenticate you as a specific user
>   (and obtain possession of a specific nickname if currently taken by
>   someone else)
> - enter a specific channel
> - authenticate as channel operator to gain control over the channel
>   (remove operator status of all useres that are currently operators
>   of the channel)
> - regularly announce your current IP address as HTTP link on the
>   channel, e.g.:
> Users that know the IRC network and channel can go there and wait in
> your channel till you log on (they can tell their IRC client to notify
> them if you enter the channel or play a certain sound or perform some
> other actions, like executing a specific script on their PC).

that's the whole idea of giving a personal webserver "presence", so that
others don't have to "go there and wait in my channel till i log on". Also,
i want to be able to give a simple AOL or MSN username to anyone without
assuming they can write specific scripts.

> Once you
> log on your IP address will appear in the channel in regular intervals
> (e.g. once every 5 minutes or so), as well as it appears every time a
> new user is joining the channel as welcome message. Users then just have
> to click on it in their IRC client and their default browser will open
> and take them to your page.
> You will need to select an IRC network where people can register their
> nicknames and a channels, so nobody can prevent your bot from working
> correctly by gaining access to your nickname or channel and to make sure
> your channel stays alive, even if no user is lurking inside and you are
> not online (your bot isn't there either, the channel is empty).
too messy. IRC is a messy medium.

> Problem solved with technology around already since 1988.

yes, this is 2002, almost 2003, it should be possible to do it in a much
easier and automated way without all the 1988 mess above, even assuming i
can do it, i do not wish to make it as difficult as it sounds above for
others. I'll be looking at jabber, xml-rpc, and relevant technologies. if
anyone can suggest anything, please let me know.

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