Remarks to Python 2.3

Markus Schaber leafnode-usenet at
Thu Sep 19 22:20:35 CEST 2002


loewis at (Martin v. Löwis) schrieb:

> There is always the potential danger that a newsgroup message gets
> ignored, and the poster gets the impression that nobody cares about
> the (potentially significant) problem.

I know this and I'm pretty shure I'd take other steps in this case (like
PM to some gurus or using the bug tracker).

> Of course, bug reports are only the right thing if the poster feels
> that Python behaves "bad", where "bad" means either incorrect,
> non-intuitive, or in an otherwise undesirable way. For a bug report,
> one should also research whether this is a well-known issue.

And my original post was my first step in research whether this is a
well known issue and whether it is considered "bad" by others. I learned
that one of my points was already corrected, and simply is a
misdocumentation - so I'll try do submit a documentation correction


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