Could Python supplant Java?

Victor Wagner vitus at
Mon Sep 2 04:08:08 EDT 2002

In comp.lang.tcl Dan Johnson <danieljohnson at> wrote:
> disposal),
>> or perhaps kindergarten herder ...

> Serious question:

> What is so developer-hostile about Windows?

"Friendly" interface. To be a "friendly" is to consider oneself equal
with his friends. If you want your friend to do something for you,
you ASK him, not ORDER him.

Developer is one who want be a master of his programs, not a friend.
So, best interface for developer machine is slavy one, not friendly.
Programs are to obey orders, not to carry out friendly talks.

Really, it is true for any user, not just developer. But ignorant
users can consider friendlyness helpful. They need even more than 
friendliness, they need patronage.

But developer is by definition a person, who know something about
informational technologies. So, arrogance of "frienly" interface
is unbearable for him. He knows what we wants his machine to do,
and when he sees that machine has its own opinion, as 
"friendly" interface should and do, it becomes very irritating.


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