Decimal arithmatic, was Re: Python GUI app to impress the boss?

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Sat Sep 21 23:10:09 EDT 2002

Dan Bishop wrote:
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 >>ChrisBarker wrote:
 >>>The only reason I can see
 >>>to not writing your class in Python is performance, and unless you are
 >>>doing a lot of calculations, that is probably a non-issue.
 >>Performance issues might well matter in large financial
 >>systems, but that's not the only reason.
 > Please name one other real-world situation in which decimal arithmetic
 > is actually *needed*.

There is no reason to argue about that.
Decimal arithmetic is exact for most of the operations
bankers require. They have been demanding for it since
decades, and they will not drop it. Having "no rounding
issue at all" is better than any consideration about
neglectible errors, it cannot be beaten, since *they*
understand it.
Cannot be discussed. They pay the bill.

ciao - chris

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