Decimal arithmatic, was Re: Python GUI app to impress the boss?

Tim Peters at
Sun Sep 22 14:45:34 EDT 2002

[Christian Tismer]
> There is no reason to argue about that.
> Decimal arithmetic is exact for most of the operations
> bankers require. They have been demanding for it since
> decades, and they will not drop it. Having "no rounding
> issue at all" is better than any consideration about
> neglectible errors, it cannot be beaten, since *they*
> understand it.
> Cannot be discussed. They pay the bill.

Bless you, Christian!  That's all the truth.  It reminds me of my first job
in this business, where after a few months my boss took me aside and
reminded me that I was hired to be a prostitute, not a missionary <wink>.

otoh-the-bankers-need-stackless-but-just-don't-know-it-yet-ly y'rs  - tim

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