How to install informixdb-1.3 for python2.2 on RH7.3?

J Dubal dubal at
Fri Sep 6 08:22:38 CEST 2002

Hello again!

I managed to compile and install informixdb module manually for py221.
However, when I import it in python2, it gives following error:
ImportError: Cannot locate C core module for informix db interface.

If I try import _informixdb, it gives following error:
ImportError: /opt/informix/lib/esql/ undefined symbol:

Please help. If we cannot make this work, we will have to go back to
1.5.2 - not very attractive alternative.

Thanks in advance.

dubal at (J Dubal) wrote in message news:<c345ff6f.0209042255.65dd5824 at>...
> Hello good people!
> As mentioned in its readme, informixdb-1.3 compiles, installs and
> works with the stock python 1.5.2 of RH7.3. However, when we try to
> compile it for python 2.2.1, informixdb's ./configure fails because it
> is looking for which is not there in python 2.2.1. It
> appears that someone has to repackage informixdb with distutils. How
> to do this? In the meanwhile can we install this manually? I do not
> understand Please help. Thanks in advance.
> Dubal.

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