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> I'll be giving a presentation on Python to my local LUG
> ( in a few weeks, and would like to point out at least
> a few things that would be of particular interest to linux users.  The
> idea is not "how to program in Python", which would take more than one
> quick presentation, but a one-off demonstration of ways in which Python
> is particularly useful for such a group.  Any suggestions would be
> appreciated, since my notes are pretty generic so far.

Since you aren't trying to teach the language, but rather provoke some
interest in Python, it may be a good idea to just show a few specific
libraries and problem domains in which Python can excel.

Here are some topics that might suffice:

1) Overview of open source projects that use Python
2) About GUI libraries available for Python
3) Zope
4) ReportLAB (a Python library for PDF generation)
5) Jython

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