Larry Wall's comment on python...

Tim Peters at
Sat Sep 7 05:29:52 CEST 2002

[Peter Hansen]
> Anyone know how long is the largest chunk of code Larry Wall has
> actually written in Python?

It was 23 lines longer than the largest chunk of code Guido has actually
written in Perl.  The difference is that Larry's code worked, and Guido's
still doesn't.  I suspect Larry may have taken a wrong lesson from that

> The fact he has to say "I think" about this issue implies he is
> guessing.  Maybe if he actually tried it he'd conclude differently.

It was just a sound bite from an interview, and blocks aren't quite the same
thing in Perl (for example, a Perl block can have its own variables, but a
Python block can't).  I bet that if Guido had designed Perl, it would still
have curlies, and I defy anyone to prove that wrong.  Heh.

leave-rationality-to-the-rationals-this-is-language-design-ly y'rs  - tim

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