Larry Wall's comment on python...

David LeBlanc whisper at
Fri Sep 6 23:56:46 EDT 2002

One could hardly expect Larry to say "I have seen Pearl 6 - and it is
Python!" :)

David LeBlanc
Seattle, WA USA

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> [Peter Hansen]
> > Anyone know how long is the largest chunk of code Larry Wall has
> > actually written in Python?
> It was 23 lines longer than the largest chunk of code Guido has actually
> written in Perl.  The difference is that Larry's code worked, and Guido's
> still doesn't.  I suspect Larry may have taken a wrong lesson from that
> <wink>.
> > The fact he has to say "I think" about this issue implies he is
> > guessing.  Maybe if he actually tried it he'd conclude differently.
> It was just a sound bite from an interview, and blocks aren't
> quite the same
> thing in Perl (for example, a Perl block can have its own variables, but a
> Python block can't).  I bet that if Guido had designed Perl, it
> would still
> have curlies, and I defy anyone to prove that wrong.  Heh.
> leave-rationality-to-the-rationals-this-is-language-design-ly y'rs  - tim
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