Computing directory sizes problem

Martin v. Löwis loewis at
Tue Sep 10 05:37:38 EDT 2002

nmichael at (Neophytos Michael) writes:

> Python version is 2.2.1.  Windows localized version I am not sure. 
> The laptop was purchased in the US so it must be the defaul US
> version.  The filenames in question are mp3 files whose names are made
> up from greek characters (at least I see them as greek when listing
> the files with file explorer).  Any advice on how to adjust my system
> locale would be appreciated.

I can see that this makes problems. Unfortunately, you did not report
the Windows version:
- On XP, navigate to
   Control Panel, Regional And Language Options,
   Advanced, Language for Non-Unicode Programs.
  Set language to Greek. You may also set your location to Greek, but
  that might be irrelevant.
- On W2k, navigate to
   Control Panel, Regional And Language Options,
  Choose Greek.

In the long run, Python should support Unicode file names independent
of the system locale; this will happen in Python 2.3. If you want to
experiment, you can use the patch in

You'll need CVS Python for that, and MSVC. With those changes,
invoking os.path.walk with a Unicode directory name should give you
Unicode file names again, which you then can pass to os.stat.


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