Stackless Python, eventual merge?

Christian Tismer tismer at
Wed Sep 18 11:42:45 EDT 2002

Oren Tirosh wrote:

>>Just-need-an-idea-how-to-determine-that - ly y'rs - chris
> Who says you have to determine that in advance? Just try. If the
> extension actually calls the interpreter recusively it means that it
> needs its own stack.  Let it have exclusive ownership of the current OS
> thread and its associated stack and allocate another thread from a
> dynamic thread pool to continue tasklet scheduling. When the extension
> returns back to nesting level 0 its thread will be released back into
> the pool. This way a relatively small pool of OS threads can be used to
> juggle a much larger pool of tasklets.

This is of course an interesting idea.
The reason why I thought I need to determine in advance
is that I don't know when a new extension shows up on
my stack. But when this happens, bazillions of tasklets
may have been created already, and they have live cstack
objects, which cannot be relocated (at least not in the near
future). So they do need to use this one stack again.

> This can also be a good way to handle extensions that make blocking I/O
> calls like database engines - a relatively small pool of OS threads can
> serve requests from a bigger pool of tasklets. This can be transparent:
> when the number of concurrent requests exceeds the number of threads any
> new request frames can be queued until a thread becomes available. The
> level of concurrency for any resource can be tuned dynamically to
> optimize the performance without affecting the overall structure of the
> program.

Sure, that's a thing I definately will do, if I can find
a good solution to the other problem above.

ciao - chris

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