How to get memory usage on Windows?

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Sun Sep 22 20:56:51 CEST 2002

"Wolfgang Strobl" <ws at> schreef in bericht
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> "GerritM" <gmuller at>:
> >Searching in books , documentation (a.o. win32api) and net did not yet
> >I found this article on the net:
> >
> >but how to call this function from Python?
> I guess thanks to Mark Hammond you already have everything you need.
> Have a look at  \Python22\Lib\site-packages\win32\Lib\,
> uncomment the test function, run it.
> I snarfed the  following snippet straight from
> --
> Wir danken für die Beachtung aller Sicherheitsbestimmungen


thanks. I think this will work only on NT. Here at home I have "only"
windows98, which gives the following message:
"RuntimeError: The pdh.dll entry point functions could not be loaded."

I will have to try this at work, on a windows2000 machine.

regards Gerrit


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