Nokia 3310 SMS Application, done:connecting to serial port(linux/win), done:reading some hex like \x00 . . ., problem:write/send command! noresponse

Polerio Babao Jr.II ptbjrii at
Tue Sep 24 20:51:55 CEST 2002

> Something like 
> import serial
> ser=serial.Serial(0,19200,timeout=3)
> print ser.portstr
> ser.write("ATZ\r")
> print "got"
> print line
> ser.close()
I have tried this to my Nokia 3310 and still it didn't worked. I've
tried to make some messages in logomanager software that runs on
windows and it works, this assured me that the cable and cell phone
I'm using works fine. The only problem perhaps is that python seems to
be unable to speak with that device or perhaps there's an additional
python scripts needed to make this work. The one application I'ved
used also was the demo version of oxygensms I think, which was created
in delphi and it works very well, I can send and receive messages in
that application. Is it really possible to make this sms application
with python using nokia cellphones? It works fine in siemens
cellphones as you said but what's the problem in this kind of
cellphones(nokia), do they have security standard?, do they response
only win2k/98-created application, what I can only do I guess is to
wait for the response of the python masters regarding this. I think
that python would not allow this kind of devices to be
unknown/stranger to them forever.
Thank you for your suggestion.

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