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VW does support being a COM server - we have customers using it that
way.  Load COMAll and look at the examples

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>> Long long ago I worked in a large scale Objective-C project. Objective-C
>> inherited many of its good characteristics from Smalltalk. Now I am using
>> Python quite a lot. It has again a lot of the good (dynamic)
>> characteristics, with on top an excellent set of predefined modules. One
>> them are the win32 modules by Mark Hammond, documented on line of course,
>> but also described extensively in "Python programming on Win32" by Mark
>> Hammond and Andy Robinson, ISBN 1-56592-621-8. I am using the ActiveState
>> distribution, which is a complete distribution including this win32 stuff.
>> In short highly recommended!
>Thanks for your advice and prompt reply!
>If I understand you correctly you are suggesting that Python is the way to
>for COM m$ API rather than Smalltalk .. again Id like to hear suggestions
>on which product. My dabbling experience is just with VWNC
>TNX again

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