PythonWin bug [very weird]

Max M maxm at
Mon Sep 9 12:15:25 EDT 2002

dsavitsk wrote:
> This is PythonWin 145 (patched for asp), Python 2.1.3, Win2k.  I have no
> means for testing other versions.
> The bug is that pressing the wrong sequence of buttons can render a file
> unsaveable. To reproduce it:
> 1. open a .py file
> 2. make some changes
> 3. press the X to close the file (not to close PythonWin)
> 4. when asked to save (Yes, No, Cancel) press Cancel
> 5. Save the file (File | Save)
> 6. Any new edits to the file are unsaveable (the buton is grayed out). To do
> so, you must copy the entire contents, close the file, re-open it, and paste
> the clipboard.

That is almost as good as when you write a top latin-1 character like 
'ø' and you try to delete it via backspace and it only seems to delete 
one of two bytes making it up, and you end up with 'À'.

And sometimes if you try and save a file with one of those 'half' 
characters in it it simply deletes your source file :-/ So the only 
version left is the one in the open document, which you cannot save ...

regards Max M

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