Need advice on choosing the technology for intranet based application

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Thu Sep 19 02:00:56 CEST 2002

Another answer. WOW!
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> Well, assume in that case that you should write for a CGI environment:
> it's
> maybe not the absolute fastest way to go, but it's pretty portable, and so
> you'll be able to make plans ahead of that particular decision being made
> (or do you get to make it?), and you can accommodate almost any server in
> this way.
Whenever I read "CGI" I also read "a pain to maintain" some words later... ?
It's a project with a (modest) possibility to turn into a product, so both
portability and maintanability are issues.
> The Python Image Library (PIL) is very good for creating graphics. You can
> create them "on the fly" in your web server and then serve back HTML
> documents with references to the created graphics.
That sounds good, too. I seem to have two solutions for that part allready
> Seems to me that CGI under Apache, while probably not the most exciting
> cxhoice, should handle your requirements quite well.
On the other hand, Mark also meant CGI/Apache, writting Python/Apache,
> The Python DB API means you can choose from a wide range of relational
> database back-ends.


> Otherwise you get involved with writing Java applets you can send
> the data to, and things can get ugly fast ;-)
No thanks :)
> A pleasure. There's a book called "Python Web Programming" by some chap
> called Holden that might give you some useful background ...
Oh, if I choose CGI you can bet I'll byu this guy Holden's book :)
> > P.S. I'm just introducing Python to my group at BMW (a completely
> > project, though), and I'll let you know if there are some bigger success
> > >
> Let us know what we can do to help!
Not much, really. I was not suposed to write Python, I just started doing
it. I guess at some point they'll just notice half of the SW is in Python,
anyway, so it will become a de facto standard. It's a creeping invasion :) .
Oh by the way, I'm just about to go offline, it's 1:59 in the morning on my
computer watch.
Thanks again, folks.

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