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Mon Sep 2 03:16:54 EDT 2002

"Lothar Scholz" <llothar at> wrote in message
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> On Fri, 30 Aug 2002 19:36:43 +0100, Phil Thompson
> <phil at> wrote:
> >Or take the Qt (and PyQt) approach and implement all styles on all
> >platforms and let the user decide on a global or per application basis
> >with a simple command line argument.
> Thats completely wrong it the user selects a style from the OS style
> manager. At least for MacOS Users this is very popular and then
> your QT application looks again like an alien. Same is true for WinXP

  Qt on Windows actually uses whatever style is current on the host
(in other words Qt uses native widgets). On X11 they have their own
configuration utility which changes style of Qt-based applications.
Problem with X11 is that there is no "OS style manager" (whatever
this could mean) for X11, or there is no _single_ style manager.


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