Python GUI

Andy Salnikov a_salnikov at
Mon Sep 2 20:11:12 CEST 2002

"Bo M. Maryniuck" <b.maryniuk at> wrote in message
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> On Monday 02 September 2002 09:16, Andy Salnikov wrote:
> > Problem with X11 is that there is no "OS style manager" (whatever
> > this could mean) for X11, or there is no _single_ style manager.
> No. Problem with the license. Use wxWindows instead.
  Qt for X11 is free and license for X11 is not restrictive. Good example
is whole KDE built on top of Qt. Trolltech guys are indeed nice when
it comes to disscussing license terms. (Qt/Windows is not free though.)
wxWindows may be good too, but I consider Qt more mature, whole
KDE community works with Qt (although it does not mean Qt is free
of bugs.)


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