Using emacs gud/pdb python debugger under windows

David Kastrup David.Kastrup at
Sun Sep 22 11:42:34 EDT 2002

Syver Enstad <syver-en+usenet at> writes:

> Felix <aprogrammer at> writes:
> > u just need to fix a few things to make it recogonize the win32 path.
> > here's how, open gud.el and search for the variable
> > 'gud-pdb-marker-regexp',
> Ha, ha it works, it works! (Dancing around the room) I want to hug you
> Felix! I didn't think of that, obviously. So it was just pdb failing
> to recognize the output from the windows version of python.

The newest CVS contains this fix: apparently somebody passed it to
the right people.

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