PyQt setup on Linux Mandrake 8.2

Armin Steinhoff a-steinhoff at
Sat Sep 21 06:59:41 EDT 2002

dwelch <dwelch91 at> wrote in message news:<3D8B4898.20808 at>...
> I would like to setup PyQt 3.4 on my Mandrake 8.2 box. I am having 
> difficulty, and I am worried that if I do the wrong thing, KDE will go 
> belly-up on me since it is Qt based.
> First, question is: why isn't QTDIR defined by default? 

PyQt works with Qt2.x.x and Qt 3.x.x ... so YOU have to choose the
correct directory.

>Is QTDIR a 
> runtime setting or a development setting?

Both ..

> So I set QTDIR to /usr/lib/qt2 (that seems to be where the libqt2 RPMs 
> files are). Next question is: Since I have libqt2 already on my system, 
> how do I add the Qt development pieces without screwing up Qt/KDE? Is 
> /usr/lib/qt2 even the correct location?

Yes ... if you want to use only the latest version of Qt 2.x.x
> When I run SIP 3.4, it complains about tmake not being 
> available. Is tmake included with Qt2 development files?

It's available at the Trolltech homepage or its mirrors.

> SIP doesn't 
> seem to have any docs, so I'm not sure how to proceed.

Nomally you haven't to care about SIP ..

> Also, my RPM manager says that I have libqt2-devel (2.3.1-29mdk) 
> installed. No tmake listed in the files, though. And, PyQt-devel 
> (2.5-1mdk) is also listed as installed, but there aren't any .py files 
> included, only .sip files (I found this curious).

Corious ... there must be examples included.
I would suggest to dowload the latest version of Qt from the Trolltech
homepage, just for a simple and clean recompilation.

And do the same with SIP and PyQt from the Riverbank homepage ...

It seems to be better to forget that outdated stuff provided by the 
Mandrake distribution ...


> Installing software on Linux makes me feel like such an idiot!
> Any help or pointers would be much appreciated.
> Don

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