How to get memory usage on Windows?

GerritM gmuller at
Sat Sep 21 16:39:15 EDT 2002

I am building an access log analyzer. For the first version I did not worry
about performance or memory use, the first exploration was about what is
practical information to extract and how to present. For current result see

For the second version memory use becomes an issue. The brute force version
keeps all information simultaneously in memory, without any size
optimization. This results now in memory use of about 250 MByte (measured
via very coarse windows resource tool), which scales linear with the amount
of (ever increasing) input. I would like to be able to measure more specific
how much memory is used per phase and/or per function. Is there any function
returning this information. I noted that on Unix the resource module gives
access to this kind of information, but I could not find any Windows

regards Gerrit


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