Python Compiling

Alex Martelli aleax at
Wed Sep 25 06:28:37 EDT 2002

Klaus Momberger wrote:

> "Terje Johan Abrahamsen" <spoermeg at> wrote in message
> news:<amfveg$5g64k$1 at>... .....
>> Is it not possible to write a complete compiler like the C compiler for
>> Python? Or is it just that nobody has done it? Or must the language be
>> constructed differently?
> Slightly off-topic, but if you are looking for a language which can
> be run by an interpreter and can be compiled as well, maybe you should
> take a look at Ocaml:

Or Haskell, -=- HUGS inteprets it, the Edinburgh
compiler compiles it.  Scheme has _many_ interpreters and compilers
too.  Hey, so does Visual Basic... it's quite the thing these days.


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