How do i print to a printer using python?

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Wed Sep 11 05:42:28 EDT 2002

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>> Naveed Iqbal <iqbal at> wrote:
>> > Thank you all for your help. I am really a novice when it comes to
>> > python. Will someone tell me how to install the win32ui module in
>> > windows?
>> > thanka
>> > naveed
>> I suceeded without win32all: I generated a postscript file
>> and copied it to the 'file' "prn:" using shutil.copyfile().
> Disk Operating System Rules OK!

shurely :-)

> Uwe: you'll clearly do well with such lateral thinking abilities. What
> software did you use to generate the PS?

I just found this solution because I was to lazy to read the
win32all ducomentation ....

At first I use pdflib to generate pdf-files (which can be stored,
send by email..) and then used ghostscript to convert pdf to ps.

The only "problem" I have, is that ghostscript opens a window, even
if I use it from the commandline...

Greetings, Uwe.

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