simple xml pickle

Michael Stenner mstenner at
Tue Sep 3 21:54:01 EDT 2002

I would like to find a simple xml pickle module.  I have very simple
objects and so very simple needs.  I've found two things:

  the "old", which appears to not work at all with
  python2.2, but is otherwise appealing.  It is a single file and
  could be easily included with a program.


  the "new" xml.pickle as it appears in the Gnosis tools.  This is
  less appealing because it's very large and distributed over several
  files, and would almost necessitate full installation, and just one
  more prerequisite.  Besides, I can't get it to build (into an rpm,
  which is the only way that I'm really interested in installing
  software here).

Does anyone know of anything else?  Again, all I need is the ability
to handle simple objects & types.  I'd prefer something that I can
include in my program/package, rather than something that would need
to be installed separately.

(I've looked through the vaults and put in lots of google time.  If
there are other resources, I'd love to hear about them.)
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