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David Mertz, Ph.D. mertz at
Wed Sep 4 18:13:04 CEST 2002

Michael Stenner <mstenner at> wrote previously:
|  the "old", which appears to not work at all with
|  python2.2, but is otherwise appealing....
|  the "new" xml.pickle as it appears in the Gnosis tools.  This is
|  less appealing because it's very large and distributed over several
|  files...

I think there are some good reasons why the "new" gnosis.xml.pickle is
organized into a package namespace.  And there are some new capabilities
and modularity that go along with that.

However, the "old" xml_pickle (use the latest such one, labelled 0.51)
can be fixed up for Python 2.2 by adjusting two uses of dir().  That
built-in function changed meaning in Python 2.2--or at least it changed
behavior.  Just replace occurrences of 'dir(obj)' with
'obj.__dict__.keys()', and I'm pretty sure all will be well.

Yours, David (the xml_pickle guy)...

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