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Cliff Wells LogiplexSoftware at
Mon Sep 16 17:27:42 EDT 2002

On Mon, 2002-09-16 at 13:17, BT wrote:
> > |If your code is that valuable, run it on your server remote from end
> > |users as a trade secret, or force them to agree to a license and protect
> > |it w/ copyright.
> >
> > I would reformulate the issue slightly:  If you BELIEVE your code is
> > that valuable, seek psychiatric help.
> >
> I really don't understand posts like these.
> You think I'm fool to protect my work?

No, only a bit uninformed if you think you can get "security through
obscurity".  Obscuring the code will dissuade only the most casual or
incompetent from decompiling/disassembling your code.  Sort of like
hiding a spare key to your house under the "Welcome" mat.

> Ok, let's say I make a software in two years and I market it on internet.
> The software is good and sell some copy.
> You find the software, like it, change the name, add some feature and resell
> it.
> My time: 2 years, yours: 1 month.

And that would be illegal, hence the suggestion to *copyright* your

> I think you need a psychiatric help.
> Only Id shared some source code, after years...
> Noooooooo!!! IDDDDD!!! Foolish people!!! You want to sell it???!!! You want
> to live with that???!!!

They shared it because it was no longer relevant.  Sort of like opening
the source for MS-DOS 2.0 (which hasn't happened, but you should see my

> Go working in a mine, and write games for fun!!!
> I can give you the phone of my clinic, but stop it NOW, join the ideal
> world.

You mean the "real" world.  In the "ideal" world, most software would be
free, and people wouldn't pirate software that wasn't.

Incidentally, do you believe you are the first person to think of this? 
This question ("how can I obscure Python byte-code?") comes up at least
once a month on this list.  It's fairly clear that any scheme you come
up with will take longer to implement than it will to break by a
competent hacker.

Anyway, good luck!  If your software is any better than your protection
scheme I'll download it from when you release it ;)

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