Windows AutoRunning Python Hello -- feedback requested

Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at
Tue Sep 17 10:59:33 EDT 2002

> "Netscape" or "Internet Explorer", but given a system like yours plus
> a framework for building an HTML user interface (based on one of the
> many web application frameworks for Python) I think this system is
> just as valid as Tk, wxWindows, Qt or whichever other 'real' toolkit
> you care to name.
I think you got it.  My system allows one to prototype an app on your web
page.  Using server logs, you can see how people use it and what the usage
problems are.  Then a version of the web page can be turned into an
executable.  Also, client-server apps can be implemented with the client and
server displaying in different frames (example at click on "here" for client part).

> ... is it simply a toolkit for distributing
> and running browser-based code?

> Zope-based Windows applications, anyone?

I am now in my third day of testing Python support.  I have previously
implemented Perl but have not distributed it publicly (i.e. it is an
undocumented capability).

Zope would pose a number of challenges.  But, it is an interesting idea.
I'll put it into the hopper.  Thanks for your reply.

Dennis Reinhardt

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