simpleparse example

Johan de Witte johandewitte at
Tue Sep 3 08:08:51 EDT 2002

baronvm2 at wrote in message news:<3d62a770.10000379 at>...
> Hi,
> I'm trying to use SimpleParse to process semistructured data. I have
> defined the language and can produce a taglist. 
> How can I use the dispatchprocessor to process the taglist? Does
> anybody have an example.
> Thanx,
> Hans

I got tons of code I used to parse weakly structured HTML pages, and
get rid of unwanted data. But in fact it is not limited to HTML, but
can be used for almost any kind of (more or less) structured data. If
you are interested you can have all of it, if you are not going to use
it for commercial purposes.


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