Python / Zope Flash Remoting

Kyler Laird Kyler at
Wed Apr 30 23:22:14 CEST 2003

Joel Jensen <catharsis at> writes:

>I am trying to convert some perl/php code to python for use in zope.
>I have never done anything like this. 

Ug.  Conversion is likely to be ugly.  If you don't start with
a Zope mindset, Zope seems horribly limiting.

>Flash Remoting is a way to share datastructures between Cold Fusion and 
>flash,make a dataset, varible, or array in cold fusion/java, retreve it 
>as a map,variable,array in flash via flashs' OO language actionscript.

Sounds like what XML-RPC does for the rest of the world.
Zope supports it nicely.

>have hacked the protocol and written scripts to send datastructures from 
>perl and php.

I hate the thought of having to crack software I want to use
and depend on.

Still, if you're set on using proprietary software, you can
apparently weld on a standard interface.
I haven't tried it.


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