Python / Zope Flash Remoting

Joel Jensen catharsis at
Wed Apr 30 19:07:30 CEST 2003

I am trying to convert some perl/php code to python for use in zope.
I have never done anything like this. 

If anyone would like to help, please post a response.

Flash Remoting is a way to share datastructures between Cold Fusion and 
flash,make a dataset, varible, or array in cold fusion/java, retreve it 
as a map,variable,array in flash via flashs' OO language actionscript.

This protocol is referred to by macromedia as AMF
These guys:

have hacked the protocol and written scripts to send datastructures from 
perl and php.
Make an array in PHP, call it from flash..

It would be nice if there was a version of this code available in 

Zope is a Python based Object Oriented web application platform. 
If flash could share datasets with ZOPE, a developer could make a Zope 
site to contain the data structure, searches, and navigation structure, 
and flash designers could access these datastructures to easily build 
dynamic flash sites.

Zope and flash already support xml-rpc, however AMF is far better.



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