Installer Problem WinNT to Win 98

achrist at achrist at
Tue Apr 29 03:30:42 CEST 2003

I built an installer for a wxPython/pysqlite app with the McMillan
installer (as downloaded last week), and carried it on a trip to a
friend's house over the weekend.  Because I wanted the app to look
polished, I made it with the noconsole option so that the UI would be a
gui with no messages or warnings showing up in a command window.
I tested this on my development machine here (Windows NT) and it worked
fine.  I tested it with the path set to nothing and my python directory
(which includes wxPython in site-packages, etc) renamed so that even
if there were some registry settings pointing to stuff installed on
my machine, the executable wouldn't be able to find them.  Even so, the
executable ran fine on my machine.  The executable crashed on friend's
Windows 98 machine.  Because of the noconsole option, I didn't get
any messages to figure out where.

My guess is that there is a needed DLL in my Windows or WinNT directory
that is not on the Win98 machine, but I've got no idea what it might
be or if it is possible to get it into the installer.

Any ideas what might be missing and/or how to fix?  The program
crashes in the middle of displaying a  wxHtmlCtrl that has some
widgets embedded.  It looks like it shows the html text fine, but
none of the widgets appear and it hangs right there.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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