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Eric Brunel eric.brunel at
Fri Apr 25 11:24:58 CEST 2003

Klaus Meyer wrote:
> Hello Eric,
>> Tk uses the regular "open file" dialog from Windows , so the only 
>> known way (at least to me) is to configure Windows to display the 
>> hidden files.
> thanks, but this is not the problem, because i always have enabled this 
> option. And i can see the hidden directorys in win-explorer, but not in 
> tkFileDialog. So it seems that tkFileDialog has its own "show/don't show 
> hidden dirs" flag???
> But how to enable this?

Sorry: I didn't correctly read the OP. The dialog to select a directory is 
indeed provided with tcl/tk, as you can tell by its "old-fashioned" look. There 
is apparently no native directory selection dialog in Windows, or if there is, 
maybe we should tell the tcl/tk guys... ;-)

> If this is not possible, than i have a problem... :-(

Then apparently, you have one: according to the tcl/tk documentation for the 
underlying function (tk_chooseDirectory), such an option does not exist. See:

> Does Tkinter have a other function to open a directory select box?

Nope. I couldn't find any in the common Tkinter extensions, so I guess you'll 
have to make one yourself. This should be quite easy with the os module and a 
few list boxes.

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