Inserting Python commands into HTML documents

Thanos Vassilakis tvassila at
Mon Apr 14 15:58:56 CEST 2003

Try using Python Service Objects (pso) ,see:

user guide:

and  building a site in 10 minutes:


I am an extremely new member of the Python family. I had a job interview
  where they charged me with the task of creating a (fake) corporate
website using Python in ten days--with two left now.

The problem is that what I have read seems to say Python is a CGI
language... Am I remiss in believing that my website is going to be
completely run from inside a couple .PY files in the CGI-BIN?

Is there a way for it to act more like PHP, as in run Python commands
from inside the (index|contacts|about|etc).html or at least simulate
that behavior? (This is on a linux server and I am not to use PHP, FYI.)

Thank you all for any assistance!


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