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Cameron Laird wrote:

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>>"Martin v. Löwis" wrote:
>>> Alessio Pace wrote:
>>>> Hi, I'd like to make a GUI for a program written in python, meant to
>>>> run on mac, win and linux: which is the preferable solution? I saw
>>>> around tkinter, wxpython and pyqt....
>>> I recommend Tkinter. It comes with the standard Python installation, and
>>> it works quite well atleast on Windows and X11 (I've never used it on
>>> the Mac).
>>> Regards,
>>> Martin
>>That's what I had in mind, but after reading some tutorials on Tkinter I
>>saw that wxpython and pyqt have more features still remaining
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> 1.  Each of the choices has serious advantages.
>     Even toolkits zealots recognize that no one
>     toolkits strictly dominates any other.
> 2.  Each toolkit has fans.
> 3.  It's relatively easy to download/install/
>     experience Python (or Perl or ...), and ac-
>     quire your own "feel" for each language.
>     The GUI toolkits are a bit heavier and
>     clumsier; it generally takes longer to gain
>     a proper understanding of them.
> 4.  Comparisons of GUI toolkits are popular.
>     Such discussions often erupt here and else-
>     where.  Abundant details are available, if
>     reading the words of others interests you.
> 5.  Tkinter is the easiest for a newcomer, in
>     its installation and "first launch".  It's
>     the best documented, in the sense of making
>     appearances in the most in-print published
>     books.
> I think it's reasonable for you to start with Tkinter.

Thanks a lot. I've already starting reading some guides, and I saw it is not
difficult to develop with it.

Alessio Pace

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