Forgetting "()" when calling methods

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Mon Apr 28 18:46:30 CEST 2003

"Tim Peters" < at> wrote in message
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> No, the current state makes no sense ... [and] an inconsistent

OK, we agree on that.  It a result of various local optimazations and
compromises and =needs ground up redesign.  My point in relation to ()
is that I would hate to see a similar mishmash created in relation to
truth values, especially not for the local optimazation of allowing
people to forget to type '()' in boolean context.

Back to the tangent.

> Guido doesn't want
>     2 < "42"
> to pass silently any more than he wants
>     2 + "42"
> to pass silently.

I agree.  The question is whether .sort() should come with at least an
option to work with a heterogenous items and not raise an exception -- 
without the user having to write a custom order function  -- so
programmers who know what they are doing when trying to sort such a
list can do so nearly as easily as they used to.


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