methods and vars in zope objects

Dave Benjamin ramen at
Thu Apr 24 18:27:19 CEST 2003

In article <c42e062e.0304211805.4ced1175 at>,
Erik Lechak wrote:
> Is there a simple script, document, manual, or button that will list
> the methods and member vars available to a certain object?  Something
> like dir().

How about "dir()"? =)

Try this:
 1. Create a file in your Extensions directory called "".
 2. In this file, write the single line:
    dir_ = lambda x: dir(x)
 3. Create an External Method:
    id: dir
    module: dir
    function: dir_
 4. Use context.dir(obj) from your PythonScript.

In general, this technique works for exposing Python library functions to
the Zope environment. Mind the associated security risks, of course.


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